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Ashanin Sergey Evgen'evich, Applicant, Penza branch of Military Academy of Material Support (37 Lermontova street, Penza, Russia),
Fedotov Vladimir Nikolaevich,Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor, sub-department of artillery devices, Penza branch of Military Academy of Material Support (37 Lermontova street, Penza, Russia),
Fedotov Aleksey Vladimirovich, Candidate of engineering sciences,sub-department of artillery devices, Penza branch of Military Academy of Material Support (37 Lermontova street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. In order to ensure high efficiency of modern optical-electronic de-vicesit it is necessary to attach great attention to automation on the basis of microe-lectronic and computer engineering means, as well as to broad laser usage and application of prospective integrated circuits. At the present time the problem of interconnecting thermal image informational and laser measuring channels is quite scattered. Therefore, the suggested general algorithm of operations during image processing is a topical one.
Materials and methods. To determine the optical flow value the authors used the method of differential analysis allowing to connect time and dimensional mismatches between various frames. The researchers also used the method of best matching of frame sections, which, together with movement trajectory forecasting, significantly increases the rate of processing by means of excluding the sections where an object is unlikely to appear from the analysis. The given methods ensure optimization of section sizes when estimating object’s dimensions and movement velocity.
Results. Currently there have been developed algorithms and programs for all stages of thermal image processing. Testing of the algorithms was conducted on specially designed images simulating various situations, as well as on real military hardware.
Conclusions. The article presents the algorithm of thermal image processing, al-lowing to calculate object’s movement velocity at various angles of its movement. The work evaluates velocity determination errors for various movement angles. The efficiency of filtering is improved due to averaging of thermal image brightness to the maximum. The article describes the designed and suggested algorithms of spec-tral selection, and displays the results of thermal image processing of standard mili-tary hardware.

Key words

algorithm, optical-electronic instrument, object, coordinate system, thermal imaging module, selection, filtering.

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